Adventures in Windows 10

So, I work on computers in my day job and also have a pretty strong curiosity about new versions of things, thus I updated my 2 daily driver laptops to the latest version of windows 10, with mixed results. First Impressions My first impression of windows 10, is that it feels much more like windows […]

Piracy is Dead, long live Piracy!

Dark times for Australia’s dirty illegal online pirates? With changes to legislation incoming from the Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Act 2015,  the less savvy among us could be forgiven for thinking that online piracy has seen its day. In reality however this Act does nothing to address the cause of piracy (supply/demand) and does nothing to actually impede the piracy itself […]

Marriage Equality

One of the happiest days of my life was my wedding day, and yet there are two niggling points that hang above it. Point one is that by law we were required to specify that marriage is a heterosexual union as part of our vows, the law is very rigid on this. The wording of the […]

Fresh start

My return from a lengthy hiatus was greeted by a website that I no longer liked, written by another me from another time, that I no longer enjoyed reading. Behind the scenes it had also suffered from the graffiti of passing bots. I have restored some of the popular articles but otherwise I have cleaned the […]

IPAF, get with it.

Imagine a world where you can only consume culture from government-approved sources, months after its widely publicised release overseas, in low definition, with long term lease agreements where you can never purchase a copy to own, only to borrow and use within a specific set of technologically locked parameters. Where the freedom to share or […]