The Hypocrisy of the Moral Mass Media.

The hypocrisy of Mass Media morality makes me sick sometimes.

The same media that sexualises everything and hunts celebrities 24/7 with paparazzi for nipple slips and upskirt photos.

The same media that shoves long distance telescopic photos of topless sunbathing celebrities on the front page.

Becomes the same media that latches on to feminism when there is enough money. Suddenly being on the moral high ground is newsworthy.


A female celebrity gets hacked nude photographs leaked on the internet, the media loses their mind about how she was violated and everyone is a monster for looking at the photos. Then we get the inevitable discussion about the sickening creapy subculture on the “dark net”, whatever the hell that is, where these things are prized and traded.

Its almost like nude celebrity photos are never auctioned off to the highest mass media bidder and professional paparazzi propped up by the mass media grind house are some kind of foreign undiscovered concept.

Meanwhile, the very same mass media organisation takes the complete polar opposite approach when a male gets leaked nude photographs on the internet.

Greg Oden

They not only host and broadcast them, they run a poll judging his career path based on the size of his penis and then later run his public apology for being a terrible miscreant and being naked and on the internet.

I agree that it was terrible what happened to these women, but if you are going to take the moral high ground, maybe check to see if your not an organisation run and staffed by hypocritical scum sucking gutter trash.

Perhaps before you sound off on an issue you clearly only give a flying flock about because it happens to be selling today, you could apologise for your appalling behaviour in the past, take down the disgusting polls, the body shaming, and stop running stories about celebrities bodies.

kim kardashian

I know this is not going to happen and I know you will remain recalcitrant hypocritical scumbags because after you wrote the piece about Jennifer Lawrence, you wrote the piece about Kim Kardashian and what she is wearing and shaming her about her exposed cleavage. Kim Kardashian, the woman who is famous because her gratuitous sex tape was leaked onto the internet and broadcast by organisations such as yourself.

So the way I see it, huffington post, and every other media outlet pretending to be morally outraged over “The Fappening”, you admit your fault and tidy up your act, or you don’t get to be a moral barometer in a cesspool of your own refuse.

Third Parasite leaves the womb

My wife and I took a third go at nurturing a nine month parasite, resulting a beautiful baby girl, our second girl and third child under 4 years of age.

Hey, we made another one!
Hey, we made another one!

We have named her River, some say Dr Who (Melody Pond/River Song), some say FireFly (River Tam); I’m happy with somewhere in between…

The Boy Xander is well happy with his new sister, Charlize has become the middle child however instead of the baby, and that transition is not being handled gracefully… She is keeping a watchful eye on Mum.

After basically 2 full weeks of crazy stupid pre-labour, where my wife went through constant contractions which fizzled out after 5 hours or so and then went away, actual labour was relatively short at about 2 hours.

River was born at 5am in the same bath that Xander and Charlize were born in, at Maitland Public Hospital. Mum didn’t have any drugs and feels this is the best way vs her last births where the drugs had made her extremely woozy afterwards.

I had decided earlier that night, that it was a good night to watch “The Watchmen” due to a conversation earlier that day. I forgot how long that film was… so into bed I climbed at 2am; at 2:20am it was time to get up and go to the hospital.

Unfortunately it was a busy time at the birthing ward, our room had a label on the door that said “Office” which probably should have said “Broom Closet” in comparison to the other rooms we had used there previously, but it did the job, sorry for whoever had to move their office out temporarily :)

I think I held myself together as a helpful assistant human being in the process of water birth, I managed to stay awake a few hours after the birth then passed out sitting in a “uncomfortable enough to be considered torture in developed nations” hospital chair, I’ve sat in comfortable chairs that were cheap, I’ll never understand why hospitals have to have these chairs.

Victoria had decided she was going home at 10am, but her uncontrollable shaking that happened at about 9:30am changed those plans and an overnight stay for observation and bags with needles was on the cards, much to her disappointment.

To be honest, the chance to go home to the two manageable children and sleep without the baby was a selfish but amazing opportunity for myself, so I can’t say I was entirely disappointed with that situation.

All is well now though, mum is home and giving breast feeding another go, seems to be working better this time around, so fingers crossed.

NBN Sads

A local Liberal politician in my region,  Bob Baldwin, is using the fact that the area he represents is receiving the NBN ahead of  other areas as a sign of the hard work he has put in campaigning for the local area, almost as if he had direct influence over the rollout and it wasn’t based on the weighted needs of the community but in fact political campaigning.

I have campaigned for the Paterson electorate not to be overlooked when it came to faster broadband speeds and I am pleased to see these results. – Bob Baldwin MP

Prior to the switch of government, the entire area was scheduled for rollout in about 12 months from now, since the change over the whole map was wiped out and my area specifically is now not scheduled for anytime, ever.

My house is not in the area that is receiving NBN, something which does annoy me, but you know what is in the area that is receiving fiber to the premises? My telephone exchange.

So my aging unreliable copper based ADSL, will have to go past homes that have FTTP, in order to reach the telephone exchange which is on the other side of them from me.

Thanks Bob