Piracy is Dead, long live Piracy!

Dark times for Australia’s dirty illegal online pirates? With changes to legislation incoming from the Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Act 2015,  the less savvy among us could be forgiven for thinking that online piracy has seen its day. In reality however this Act does nothing to address the cause of piracy (supply/demand) and does nothing to actually impede the piracy itself (Censorship on the internet is a fault, its users will simply route around it.). It can be argued that this Act entrenches piracy even further into our culture by forcing people to become equipped with devices and services to help hide and obfuscate their online activities, making people more invested in piracy and even harder to police.

The law is breathing down your neck, in a raspy asthmatic wheeze, interjected by moans of objection, cashed up by Hollywood lobbyists.

Australia now has both a website censorship regime and a data retention regime. These two regimes are in concept a nightmare for pirates; however with very little effort you can almost entirely nullify their effect. For the savvy pirate, this is already the norm; These regimes will have zero effect on them. Just like every other country that has the above moronic regimes in place.

This article is not how to protect your privacy or anonymity, nor is it a discussion on the morals and legality of the methods. It does however demonstrate how easy it is to fly under the radar with the above regimes in place.

1. Change your DNS to a foreign DNS host.

Changing your DNS allows you to circumvent most website censorship, websites are easiest to block using your service providers DNS servers and this is the method that the Australian website blocking regime will utilize. I recommend and use Google’s service already because of the speed boost it provides, regardless of the anti-censorship bonus it also gives you. Google’s DNS hosts are with as backup. Google chrome already uses Google’s DNS servers by default so its possible that Google chrome users wont even notice the censorship regime roll in. Follow this link for Instructions

2. Get a seed-box in a foreign country, preferably in Europe.

A Seed-box is your own private torrent downloading system that lives in another country where copyright law is either non-existent, unenforceable or ignored. Copyright infringement notices are sent to you by a representative of a rights-holder because your IP, the number that identifies your homes internet connection, has been seen taking part in a torrent swarm. This is a side effect of how torrents and most peer to peer software works. By using a seed-box, your IP will never take part in a torrent swarm. The seed-box will take part in the torrent swarm and then you can download the files directly from the seed-box. There are many thousands of seed-box providers out there with varying features, for a basic seed-box though that just gets the job done without any bells and whistles, it will generally cost you around 3 euro per month. Without all that extra upload traffic you could possibly lower your data plan and save more money than that on your monthly internet connection bill and you don’t have you keep your computer on 24×7 so it can sit in torrent swarms, just download it directly when you want it from the seed-box. I recommend using a seed-box even to people already using a VPN, as many VPN’s can still leak your local information into the swarm if not configured correctly, where as with a seed-box that leaking is impossible. Follow this link to find a seedbox provider

That’s all folks!

You are all done; you are now uncensored and untraceable by lazy copyright trolls. You also no longer show up in fanatical statistical analysis as an Australian pirate, you’re now statistically speaking a filthy pirate from eastern Europe somewhere, and they have bigger problems than US pop stars and Hollywood bull sharks to really give a hoot. As with everything online its an arms race whack-a-mole game, so revisit your solution with a technical friend (or this blog) every few months to make sure you are still doing everything you need.